Why NO Black Person Should Be a Christian…


Black Man who told you that Jesus was God? Certainly not your ancestors. After much study it is clear to me that the Bible was given to the American black man during slavery for the purpose of pacifying the slaves. More black people are falling victim to the con that is Christianity.

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  They told you not to value this life, not to value your body. This way they can treat you any way they wish and you will not feel violated and rebel.

  They told you to turn the other cheek, and love thy enemy. This way they, as your enemy, can harm you and you will not retaliate.

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They told you to pray. To let go and let God. This way you won’t make any serious attempt to achieve your goal or overcome your enemy. You will pray instead.

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They told you that the only way to Heaven is to believe. This way you will be more likely to fall for their con and afraid of not believing for fear of hell.

Black Man I say to you Hell does not exist. Jesus is not coming back. We have been had. The Christian religion is nothing more than one of many long con schemes that prey on the minds of the suffering.

Black Man I challenge you to disprove anything I have stated above. No longer do we view it wise to believe things which have no evidence.

Wake Up.

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To win a people for Christ, it is necessary to Europeanize them. Behind all systems of administration lies the fundamental question of what we intend to make of the African. This question has, whether in explicit terms or not, been answered in several ways… One possible and largely practiced policy is that of repression, which means keeping the native in a subjected and inferior position, as a slave of the dominant race.” – The Golden Stool, Edwin W. Smith, page 173.

In reading this quote, it is clear that the religion of Christianity is the device used to accomplish this European agenda in regard to Africans.
by Kweli Kush

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