Sacred Cows: A Lighthearted Look at Belief and Tradition Around the World

Black Owned 510irEgPNKL

by Seth Andrews


Did you know that God forbids the tying of shoelaces on Saturdays?

Or that humans emit a colorful aura that can be discerned only with a Third Eye?

That bountiful harvest requires the flinging of a live goat from a church bell tower?

That instead of wishing upon a star, we can wish upon a…cow?

Well into the 21st century, our species continues to participate in beliefs and customs that seem more suited to the Bronze Age than the Information Age, some of which involve poisonous snakes, holy smoke, urine bubbles, crystals, tarot cards, aliens, costumed virgins, and, of course, an offering plate.

Black Owned 510irEgPNKL

Join Seth Andrews for a random romp across the planet and a humorous look at some of humanity’s Sacred Cows.

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