Woman Shot and Killed Inside Church for Asking a Man to Put a Mask On

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51 year old Andrea Lowe-Garwood was shot and killed while praying at a church. Police believe she was shot after asking a man to put on a face mask, while inside the church.

Andrea Lowe-Garwood

Lowe-Garwood, was attending church like usual. A man, who police describe as 5 feet 10 inches tall, of fair complexion and dressed in a red shirt sat down near her.

The man was not wearing a mask, which is mandatory in public spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Police stated that Andrea turned around and asked him to put on a mask, as the law requires. She then went back to praying.

andrea lowe-garwood and son
Andrea Lowe-Garwood and Her Son Just Hours Before the Murder

That simple request would cost her life. Police say that while Andrea said her prayers, the shooter seated behind her, opened gunfire hitting her multiple times.

The church was Livestreaming the service, when the murder took place.

The St James police have confirmed that the shooter has been apprehended.

Reports are that, the accused who is said to be a hired hit-man, turned himself over to the Freeport police a short while ago in the company of his Attorney.

Yesterday afternoon, the police had confirmed that three other men, one who is the step-son of the victim, were also taken into custody.

Reports from the police are that about 10:30 am, the victim 50-year-old Andrea Lowe-Garwood, of Stone Brook Manor in Trelawny, and employed to the National Commercial Bank in Montego Bay, St James, was at church with other members at the Agape Christian Fellowship Church located along Market Street, in Falmouth, Trelawny, when a man entered the place of Worship posing as a visitor.

The man reportedly sat in a seat behind Lowe-Garwood, before he brandished a handgun and opened fire hitting her multiple times to her upper body.

The gunman ran from the church and escaped in a waiting motor car, while Lowe-Garwood was rushed to the Falmouth hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.


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