“Mysticism and Mathematics”

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Bertrand Russell, despite his immense erudition, is an everyman and every-woman philosopher.

He is clear, engaging, and readable all throughout “Mysticism and Mathematics.” Although Russell did most of his early work (along with his mentor and colleague Alfred North Whitehead) in mathematics, he had an enormously wide range of interests – from politics to sex education for the young.

The following two essays – “Mysticism and Logic” and “Mathematics and the Metaphysicians” – provide listeners with a glimpse into Russell’s thinking and, in turn, illuminates us about these deep subjects. Even though Russell is a seasoned skeptic, he is not blind to how religious sentiments and emotions play a vital role in our day-to-day lives.

This is perhaps best summarized by Russell when he writes…

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“The metaphysical creed, I shall maintain, is a mistaken outcome of the emotion, although this emotion, as coloring and informing all other thoughts and feelings, is the inspirer of whatever is best in Man.

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Even the cautious and patient investigation of truth by science, which seems the very antithesis of the mystic’s swift certainty, may be fostered and nourished by that very spirit of reverence in which mysticism lives and moves.”

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Bertrand Russell remains a beacon of enlightenment for those wanting to better understand the universe through reason and logic and love.

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