“What God Wants”

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Book of the Day, “What God Wants” by Neale Donald Walsch

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Now, On to the Book of the Day!

Today’s Book!


(Excerpt from book) by Neale Donald Walsh

Today 400 children die of starvation every hour. Yet it would be possible to feed all the starving children on the planet, to protect them from dying of preventable diseases, and to make basic education accessible to all, with no more than five percent of the overall annual sales of arms in the world.

Five percent!

Can this be possible?

Yes. It’s possible and it’s true.

How can this be true in a world where there is even a modicum of decency, a modicum of caring? How can this be true if the dismal situation faced presently by two-thirds of the world’s people is caused by only a relative handful of malcontents? It can be true because this situation is not being created by only a relative handful of malcontents. It’s being created by a large number of people who are very content. It’s not the discontented who pose the most danger to human society, it’s those who are content. For those who are content are those who’ll do little or nothing to create change. Yet change is what is required if a society is to evolve.

Neglect of its own offspring to the point of starvation could only occur in a society whose people see themselves as separate from God and separate from each other, having little to do with each other. Only such a cultural story could justify a world in which the income of the richest 225 people is equal to the income of three billion poor people.

You may have missed the real impact of that, so let me say it again. We have created a world in which the income of the richest 225 people is equal to the income of three billion poor people.

Three billion.

That’s half the world’s population. What’s so wrenchingly sad about all of this is not only that the situation exists, but that so many people think it’s okay that it exists. You tell them that the income of the richest 225 people is equal to the income of three billion poor people and they say, “Uh-huh. Okay. So what’s the problem?”

Sometimes we wonder why there’s so much unrest and violence in the world right now. If only more of us could open our eyes to the world right around us. If only more of us could see that world with a compassionate heart. If only our theologies could help more of us more of the time. If theology was a physical science—biology, say, or physics—I believe that its data would long ago have been judged unreliable in producing consistent results, even after thousands of years. At the very least, that data would now be questioned. Does humanity have the courage to question its own data about life and about God? Are humans brave enough to ponder the unaskable What if? What if something very important that humans think they know about God is simply inaccurate? Would that change anything?

How much more will people allow themselves to endure before they begin looking for the underlying reason that the world is the way it is? And, of those people who say that a belief in God is powerful enough to be the cure for the world’s ills, how many are able to see that an inaccurate belief could be powerful enough to be the cause?

How about you? Where are you with all of this? Given the state of the world today, do you think this may be a good moment to consider some new thoughts about God, about life, and about each other? How is your own life going? Are things just fine? Or are you meeting more challenges than, frankly, you’d like to be encountering in your relationships, in your career, in your day-to-day movement through life?

As you look at your life and as you look at the world around you, do you think you are seeing a reflection of What God Wants? If not, what do you think that God does want?

Yes, well, I suppose that’s why you picked up this book, isn’t it…? I mean, you picked up this book to see what it had to say on this subject, yes? So now it’s time to say it. Now it’s time to reveal the great truth about What God Wants. This could well be the most important information ever placed before the human race. It has been placed there in the past, more than once, but the human race has not seemed to understand it. It is now going to be revealed so clearly, so plainly, in such a new and accessible way, that there can be no possibility of future misunderstanding.


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