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why i am not a christian
why I am not a christian betrand russell

Very few men have been as devoted to the life of logic as Bertrand Russell, a European Philosopher and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Bertrand Russell has long been solicitous with the very questions in which religion attempts to address itself.

Questions like, “What is man’s place in the universe?”

“What is the nature of what is good?”

Question’s about morality, what happens after death, freedom, education, an sexual ethics.

bertrand russel why i am not a christian

He brings to “Why I Am Not a Christian,” the same courage, scrupulous logic, and wisdom as he does in his other work as a philosopher, writer, and teacher for which he is acclaimed.

These qualities make the essays included in “Why I Am Not a Christian,” among the most graceful and moving presentation of the freethinker’s position since the days of Hume and Voltaire.

Whether you, the listener, share or reject Bertrand Russell’s views, you will find this book an invigorating challenge to set notions, a masterly statement of a philosophical position, and a pure joy to listen to.

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