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The Golden Stool” by Edwin W. Smith

What you are about to read are the writings of Christian Missionary Edwin W. Smith in “The Golden Stool.” Read carefully as he explains how Europeans mentally enslaved Africans using Christianity.

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To win a people for Christ, it is necessary to Europeanize them. Behind all systems of administration lies the fundamental question of what we intend to make of the African. This question has, whether in explicit terms or not, been answered in several ways… One possible and largely practiced policy is that of repression, which means keeping the native in a subjected and inferior position, as a slave of the dominant race.” – The Golden Stool, Edwin W. Smith, page 173.

In reading this quote, it is clear that the religion of Christianity is the device used to accomplish this European agenda in regard to Africans. Smith continues explaining this on page 186 of ‘The Golden Stool’;
The first method begins by destroying the institutions, tradition, religion and habits of the people and then superimpose upon the ruins whatever the governing power considers to be a better administration system. The other method tries to graft our higher civilization on the soundly-rooted native stock, bringing out the best of what is in the native tradition and molding it into a form consonant with our modern ideas and higher standards.

As a result of this cultural imperialism, the Black Americans are disassociated from their ancestors religion, their history, and their culture. Yes, even today, the device of Christianity continues to perpetuate the empowerment of Europeans over Africans.

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