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The Antichrist by H. L. Mencken & Nietzsche

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“The Antichrist”
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The incendiary tone throughout separates this book from most other well-regarded philosophical texts; even in comparison to Nietzsche’s earlier works, the tone of indignation and conviction behind each argument made is plain to see.

There is little by way of lofty ponderousness; the book presents its arguments and points at a blistering pace, placing this book among the most accessible and easily understood works of philosophy.

the antichrist cover

The Antichrist comprises a total of sixty-two short chapters, each containing a distinct philosophical argument or angle upon the targets of Christianity, organized religion, and those who masquerade as faithful but are in actuality anything but.

Pointedly opposed to the notions of Christian morality and virtue, Nietzsche vehemently sets out a case for the faith’s redundancy and lack of necessity in human life.

This edition contains the authoritative introduction and translation of renowned journalist, author and Nietzsche acolyte H.L. Mencken. Mencken’s own native style shared similarities with that of Nietzsche, and the two were strongly aligned philosophically.

Over a century later, it is this translation which remains the most authoritative and tonally correct.

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