Book of the Day “The Chronology of Human Evolution: Real Black Atheism Explained”

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chronology of human evolution

Africans had a religion in Ancient Egypt there were two types of religion in the world: supernatural religions or theistic religions. A lot of people have an idea that if a man is an atheist, that is: if he doesn.t believe in a personal god, he’s an irreligious person. That’s not true. The Africans had an atheistic type of religion, and they were a deeply religious people. Because they believed that man not only has a body, but he also has a mind, soul or spirit…if you went to the temple in ancient Egypt, and you told the priest that you wanted Horus the Egyptian Christ to save your soul, he would tell you to not waste his time. Horus, Osiris, Isis or nobody else was going to save your soul, except you.” ~ Dr. John G. Jackson

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