The 85 South Show

The internet has transformed the way we learn about new artist, comedians, and how we get entertainment period. One thing is for sure, the boys at The 85 South Show can show you how to use the internet to build your own platform. The show includes Clayton English, Chico Bean, DC Young Fly, and Karlous Miller. They also feature musical talent from their homeboy Jon. Each comedian in the show has his own style but they do have comedic chemistry and they all share the ability to perform on the cuff.

The 85 South Show originally began as a podcast on YouTube and Spotify. They featured celebrities like Young Dro, Diddy, and Ali Siddiq. Their fanbase quickly grew and everyone realized that they were on to something. Shortly after the crew began hosting live shows.

Their shows are all improve comedy, much like the show they came from; Wildin’ Out. But without censorship the cast are allowed to say and do whatever they want on stage, making The 85 South Show more original, practical, and hilarious than any other comedy show, ever! If this show continues to grow, in a few years The 85 South Show could be a household name!

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Check out new updates of The 85 South Show on YouTube and Spotify every week on

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