RACE WAR? Is Dennis Prager Racist?

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 In the wake of the many unlawful and down right suspicious deaths of black men in police custody, are we witnessing the beginnings of a race war or finally racial unity?
 Historically speaking, we have been in a race war for the last 2000 years! Black people have simply forgotten that it was the roman catholic church who gave the orders to enslave Africans. Christianity is an off shoot of the catholic church, yet millions of black people still subscribe to the weapon of Christianity. 
 However, many black people are now waking up to the realization that we’ve been lied to, mislead, mistreated, and murdered for far too long!
 You don’t want to give us reparations? We are taking them! Whether you like it or not!
 You want to murder us in the middle of the streets? We’ll turn rap lyrics into reality at your address!
 Now that many white people are disgusted with the injustice that black people face, Many people are singing a different tone than in the years prior:
 The marine corps has banned the confederate flag from public display, stating “that flag presents a threat to our core values, unit cohesion, security and good order and discipline.”
 For years I have been hearing white people claim that the flag is not racist, and only is a symbol of history, or some shit. Why the change of heart?
“I am mindful that many people believe that flag to be a symbol of heritage or regional pride,” Marine Corps commandant Gen. David Berger said in an April memo. “But I am also mindful of the feelings of pain and rejection of those who inherited the cultural memory and present effects of the scourge of slavery in our country.”
 The next vice president will likely be a black person. Times are changing as it relates to blacks in america, but there are still that percentage of whites that don’t want to give up their privilege and bask in their recessive traits. 
Closet racists like Dennis Prager spread misinformation constantly, perpetuating the idea that white privilege is a myth.
He consistently spews out false or misleading statistics that make it appear to his audience, that the problems that black people face aren’t really problems that exist.
While Dennis Prager’s listeners may not be that smart, I can see the racist beliefs behind the words he speaks. 
 Prager’s pseudo-think-tank, PragerU, hosts a video stating that police are 18.5% more likely to be killed by a black man than, the other way around. He uttered the statistic on his radio show as well.
 Does Prager not realize that this is a completely separate issue???
Black Owned 600a8 prageruThere is no need for Prager, a white man with a large audience, to quote statistics about black people shooting more than whites, or misleading studies about racial bias in police shootings. NONE OF THESE ARE THE ISSUE THAT BLACKS ARE VOICING. Bringing these stats up only misleads the audience and misdirects them from the problems that black people are protesting about.
 The sad condition of the black community, although created by whites, is not the reason for the protests Mr. Prager!
 Where your statistics on the number of unarmed black men that get murdered in police custody, while clearly communicating distress to the murdering officer, vs the same event happening to a white man by a black officer?
 We aren’t mad that black commit get killed when they commit crimes. 
 We are mad because black people get killed when they do nothing wrong. Black people get killed when they do exactly what the officers says! 
 Philando Castille was not committing a crime Mr. Prager!
 George Floyd was handcuffed Mr. Prager!
 Eric Garner was unarmed and not resisting Mr. Prager!
 So your statistics don’t mean shit Mr. Prager! You are overlooking the fact that blacks have been unlawfully and unnecessarily murdered by police!
Dennis Prager is a closet racist!

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