This FREE audio book is a collection of 12 very creepy stories by the master of creepiness, Edgar Allen Poe.

Book of the Day “Holy Lockdown”

Why are Black communities full of churches but still suffer harsh conditions? Why are Black people the most God fearing people in the world, yet the most fragmented and economically dependent? Is there a correlation between religion and low productivity? Holy Lockdown is a book that addresses the paradox that exists within the Black community.Continue reading “Book of the Day “Holy Lockdown””

#WakeUp Quotes

“ As a great historical
institution Christianity can be characterised only
as the religion of the white race. . . . From the
second century till the present day, Christianity
has been the most European and the least Asiatic
of religions. Its great expansion in modern times
has been due to the unparalleled expansion of the
white race.”- Dean Inge