FREE Audio Book of the Day “Behold, a Pale Horse”

Former US naval intelligence briefing team member Bill Cooper reveals classified information kept in secret government files since the 1940s.

Clotel, or, The President’s Daughter

Often considered the first African-American novel, This novel focuses on the difficult lives of mulattoes in America and the “degraded and immoral condition of the relation of master and slave in the USA” (Brown). It is about the tragic lives of Currer, Althesea, and Clotel.

Book of the Day “Holy Lockdown”

Why are Black communities full of churches but still suffer harsh conditions? Why are Black people the most God fearing people in the world, yet the most fragmented and economically dependent? Is there a correlation between religion and low productivity? Holy Lockdown is a book that addresses the paradox that exists within the Black community.Continue reading “Book of the Day “Holy Lockdown””