Where Was God when 3 Pastors Rape Girl for Years???

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3 Pastors Get Life Sentence for Raping Girl Inside Church… Their Families Covered It Up…

   Pastor Kenneth Butler plead guilty to multiple counts of child sex trafficking last month. He was sentenced to nearly 18 years in prison for his role in sexually assaulting multiple underage girls, including one who was a foster child and a previous victim of sexual abuse.

   Pastor’s Butler, Anthony Haynes and Cordell Jenkins of Toledo, Ohio were charged in the case. The three pastors reportedly swapped young girls between each other, raping them, then discussing how much fun they had.

   The two other pastors involved in the trafficking ring plead not guilty, requesting a jury trial. Both of the other men were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

   Anthony Haynes, the former leader of Greater Life Christian Center, was one of those pastors. And during his recent sentencing hearing, he urged the judge to “have mercy on him because he’s really a decent guy. And isn’t the two years he spent away from his family, including his five kids, punishment enough?” LOL

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