You’re Smart! So Why Aren’t You Rich???

The distribution of wealth follows a well known pattern sometimes called an 80:20 rule. 80 percent of the wealth is owned by 20 percent of the people.
 A report last year concluded that just eight men had a total wealth equivalent to the wealth of the world’s poorest 3.8 billion people.

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Evolution for Dummies!!!

The individuals that are best fit to survive are more likely to reproduce and certain traits are selected for by the females such as “smart”, “tall”, “dark”, and “handsome.” Over time this means more and more humans are born with those traits and were better at surviving than their ancestors were. Over such large amountContinue reading “Evolution for Dummies!!!”

Now Hiring Dope Boys!!! Legal Weed Industry Needs More Employees of Color in Order to Do Business!

Black americans are, and have been incarnated for marijuana at a rate 4 times higher than white americans despite the fact that whites outnumber blacks more than 4:1 in america. Ironically, its the white americans who now dominate the legal marijuana industry. So much so that they coined the “Social Equity Program” in Massachusetts, whichContinue reading “Now Hiring Dope Boys!!! Legal Weed Industry Needs More Employees of Color in Order to Do Business!”

How To Get a Free Amazon Prime Membership

Enjoy Amazon Prime Free for 30 days! Boasting more than 100 million users worldwide, Amazon Prime gives you access to streaming video, free shipping, Prime Day discounts, and many other Amazon services and deals for $119 per year. I signed up for the free shipping. However, there’s a lot more to a Prime membership thanContinue reading “How To Get a Free Amazon Prime Membership”

The Never Ending Online Game – Torn

Would you believe that there is a game out there that some people have been playing for 10 years? At first I thought it was a typo too! I’ve heard of people playing games for a few years but 10 years plus is a long time.Torn, originally Torn City, is a free massively multiplayer onlineContinue reading “The Never Ending Online Game – Torn”

7 Pipe Twisty Corkscrew Glass Blunt Review and How To

THE HOTTEST STONER PRODUCTIf you’re interested in paperless smoking, you might want to check out the new 7Pipe Glass Blunt! The pipe features a unique corkscrew feature which allows you to dump ash with the ease of a normal joint, giving you a fresh hit every time. WHY SHOULD YOU USE A GLASS BLUNT?Well asideContinue reading “7 Pipe Twisty Corkscrew Glass Blunt Review and How To”