Now Hiring Dope Boys!!! Legal Weed Industry Needs More Employees of Color in Order to Do Business!

Black americans are, and have been incarnated for marijuana at a rate 4 times higher than white americans despite the fact that whites outnumber blacks more than 4:1 in america. Ironically, its the white americans who now dominate the legal marijuana industry. So much so that they coined the “Social Equity Program” in Massachusetts, which says that 50% of all recreational marijuana licenses must go to black or latinos.

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“They’re scared of the government, man,” said Sieh Samura, an outspoken cannabis activist. “This is still a new thing. And there’s taxes, there’s the government, there’s all kinds of things, you know. Just because people say it’s legal … it’s not welcoming for everybody.”– Sieh Samura, a black man.

So basically if your’re black or latino and live in Massachusetts you can easily get a license for recreational marijuana.

“We want to make sure that everyone has a real authentic opportunity to participate in that economy in the future,” said Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone. “If not, we start to lose the fabric and soul of our community. And then social inequity becomes greater, becomes vaster, and we can’t allow that to happen. We’re a pro-growth community, but we want to make sure regular folks are able to participate in that.”

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“This fraught relationship between law enforcement and communities of color is why many black and Latino entrepreneurs are reluctant to start recreational marijuana businesses.” – Sieh Samura (left)

“We see our program, the Sira Accelerator, as sort of offering a hand to those who’ve been operating — and have skill and passion and dedication to cannabis products — in the illicit marketplace, to come to the regulated side, to get on the books and help facilitate the start of their businesses,” said Dundas, a white man.

Is this good for black culture? Or just another one the “devil’s” tricks?
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