Strain of the Day "VIRUS"

VIRUS Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1mostly SativaGenetics: Atomic + x Unknown SativaFlowering: 60-70 daysTHC: 15-18% Spain’s North of Seeds were one of the first medical marijuana seed banks to open in their area of Spain, and since they did so, they have gained a reputation both locally and abroad for good quality and customerContinue reading “Strain of the Day "VIRUS"”

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver HazeGreenhouse Seed Co. HybridOrigins: Skunk x NL x HazeFlowering: 56-63 daysHarvest: late October Originally bred by an obscure figure in the Holland marijuana scene, Super Silver haze has risen to become the Tiger Woods of the pot world. First place winner of three consecutive High Times Cannabis Cups for the hydro category (1997,Continue reading “Super Silver Haze”

Strain of the Day Exile

Indica 70 / Sativa 30Origins: White Widow x Northern Lights x WarlockFlowering: 60-67 daysHarvest: late October Magus genetics likes to give its strains romantic names. in this case, the Exile is not a punishment, but more of an escape from circling thoughts and worries, a little mental vacation. The world “Exile” also sounds strong andContinue reading “Strain of the Day Exile”

Strain of the Day – Vanilla Kush

IndicaOrigins: Kashmir x AfghaniFlowering: 60-65 days Vanilla Kush brings out creamy vanilla flavors in this pure indica Kush. The mother is a hash plant from Kashmir, a valley in the Himalayas of the northwestern Indian subcontinent. This region is a traditional hashmaking region, and the mother plant is a landrace variety of high quality comingContinue reading “Strain of the Day – Vanilla Kush”

Strain of the Day – Americano

Indica Genetics: Skunk x Northern LightsFlowering: 42-50 daysHarvest: late September Americano is a strain that was designed specifically for the American buyers who came to Vancouver looking to purchase marijuana in bulk. Enterprise Seeds crossed two very well known North American strains, Skunk and Northern Lights, to make this full indica variety. Some of Americano’sContinue reading “Strain of the Day – Americano”

Strain of the Day – AMS

60% Sativa / 40% Indica Genetics: Swiss Indica x Swiss SativaFlowering: 8-9 weeksHarvest: mid OctoberYield: 700 gr/m2 If you’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling to Amsterdam, then you may already recognize AMS as the airport code for the Amsterdam airport, since it also appears in bold letters on the tag attached to your luggage.Continue reading “Strain of the Day – AMS”

Strain of the Day – Headband

Indica 70 / Sativa 30Origins: Sour Diesel x OG KushFlowering: 63-70 days Imagine, if you will, throwing caution and all fashion sense to the wind, and donning a headband a la John McEnroe in the early ’80s or Luke Wilson in the Royal Tennenbaums – or for the ladies, Olivia Newton-John aerobics video style. TheContinue reading “Strain of the Day – Headband”

Strain of the Day – Brain’s Escape

IndicaOrigins: Edelweiss x Brazil’s Best x KC 606Flowering: 63-77 daysHarvest: late September Through the 1900s, Switzerland seemed to be on the verge of a progressive marijuana policy, indeed of becoming the next pot spot. KC Brains was among several growers who bred Swiss seeds in anticipation of a more liberal legal climate. Edelweiss is aContinue reading “Strain of the Day – Brain’s Escape”