Digital Classic Vape Pipe Review

Classic meets modern with the Digital Dry Herb Vape Pipe that you can take almost anywhere. The pure taste that you get is created by the ceramic heating chamber. This Classic Vape Pipe uses isolation airflow technology to provide the clearest vaping experience. Users also have the ability to set and save their preferred temperatureContinue reading “Digital Classic Vape Pipe Review”

Deadpool 2 Review – Lets Talk Domino

This film is not too much different than the first. It’s full of jokes, action, shooting, fighting, and oh yeah, X Men. With the introduction of Domino and a surprise cameo from one the BIGGEST names in comic book characters, this is a fun flick.    Now let’s talk Domino! Played by the beautiful ZazieContinue reading “Deadpool 2 Review – Lets Talk Domino”