Deadpool 2 Review – Lets Talk Domino

This film is not too much different than the first. It’s full of jokes, action, shooting, fighting, and oh yeah, X Men. With the introduction of Domino and a surprise cameo from one the BIGGEST names in comic book characters, this is a fun flick.

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   Now let’s talk Domino! Played by the beautiful Zazie Beetz (‘Van’ in show Atlanta),  Domino makes her big screen debut in Deadpool 2. Comic book fans know what Domino is all about but for the rest of you, lets give you a little backstory.
   Domino was raised in a lab by scientists attempting to make super mutants. She was rescued by her mother and began working as a mercenary in The Six Pack. She then met Cable and joined the X-Force. Her powers include telekinesis and the ability to alter probability, giving her extreme good luck and her opponents, bad luck.
    Zazie does a superb job portraying Domino, despite the very obvious difference in appearance. Her role in Deadpool 2 could lead to future cinematic appearances of Domino.
  As for the film overall, the script gets a little bit cliché towards the end giving Deadpool 2 a 380/420. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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