Why Is FOX SOUL profiting from George Floyd’s Murder Video???

Black Owned 92898  Earlier, I posted the video of Floyd’s murder to my YouTube channel. Of course I didn’t place any ads on the 10 minutes of murder because that would be utterly disgusting.

 I naively assumed that ALL pro black media outlets would have the same sentiment… I was wrong.!
Today I received and email stating that FOX SOUL has copyrighted the video of Floyd’s murder and is attempting to put ads on all of the instances of the video that are on you tube. (That’s a lot!)

 Where’s the integrity? Wheres the sense of morals? FOX SOUL saw a video spreading on the internet and wanted to be first to copyright it so they can profit from ads.
 Some videos simply should not be monetized, especially if you were not the one who originally uploaded the video, which was a woman named Darnella who was at the scene of the murder.

They aren’t giving the proceeds to Floyd’s family or anything like that which makes FOX SOUL a parasite to smaller black media outlets like mine, who are simply trying to spread awareness.

 So if you follow FOX SOUL please unsubscribe to them because they are profiting from our death and suffering while not contributing at all to our uplifting.
 Thank you!

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