Atlanta Riots In Response to George Floyd’s Murder!

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Protesters Fuck up the CNN Center amid the emotional roller coaster that has erupted since George Floyd’s murder.

 Demonstrations to protest the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery began around 3 p.m. and was organized as a march from the Centennial Park to the Georgia State Capitol.  The crowd then marched back toward to the park.

Most of the demonstrators were calm and did not damage property.

 However, some began engaging with officers after words were exchanged.  Some protesters allegedly threw bottles and other items at officers. Those officers then backed further down the sidewalk and not respond with violence.

The CNN logo outside the building was spray painted, an American flag was burned in front of the building and glass on the building was broken.

 Atlanta Police Department officers did not respond with riot gear to clear the crowd.

Atlanta Police Department sent the following statement:

“We continue to monitor protestors on Centennial Olympic Park Drive near Marietta Street. The demonstration began peacefully with protestors marching from Centennial Olympic Park to the Capitol and back. Upon returning to Centennial Olympic Park, the majority of protestors entered into the park while a portion walked south on Centennial Olympic Park Drive where they surrounded an officer inside his patrol vehicle. Additional officers arrived and began to push protestors back away from the vehicle, which led to a number of scuffles between police and protestors and at least three arrests. One officer was pushed to the ground and sustained minor injuries. It does appear pepper spray was utilized several times during the confrontation. Currently, we are attempting to allow the protestors to continue with a peaceful demonstration. Officers have been subjected to water bottles, eggs and other items being thrown at them. However we remain hopeful this activity will cease and there will be no need for further arrests or clashes with protestors. “

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