Strain Of The Day – Maxi Gom

Black Owned ec784 maxi gom
Genetics: Ruderalis x Critical x AK-47
Flowering: 75 days
Yield: 50 – 120 gr
THC: 16-18%

Holland’s Grass-O-Matic have created an incredible strain with Maxi Gom, a sativa dominant auto flowering hybrid of Critical Mass and AK-47 with a good dose of Joint Doctor’s ruderalis genetics in the mix, too. The ruderalis genes also make this killer strain an auto-flowering one, so she’s great for beginner growers and those who don’t have much time to devote to their crop.

To allow Maxi Gom to reach her full potential, the breeders recommend planting in pots larger than 10 to 12 liters and applying moderate amounts of fertilizer. The most fantastic growth, though, happens when Maxi Gom is placed in a hydro system indoors, where she can give a harvest of 50 grams per plant even in a small space. As with all auto flowering varieties, the plant finishes quickly, with harvest occurring 75 days after germination whether grown indoors or outside. As the buds are long and tight, it is essential to keep an eye out for mold.

For a strain that is mostly sativa, Maxi Gom packs a heavy physical stone, making it a good medicinal strain, although your brain will definitely get a piece of the action, too. This is a great strain to enjoy with friends when you want to be mentally stimulated but physically chilled.

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