Strain Of The Day – Hawaiian Snow

Black Owned abdfc hawaiian snow
Sativa 90 / Indica 10
Origins: Hawaiian Haze x Pure Haze x Neville’s Haze
Flowering: 105-112 days
Harvest: late November

In the commercial seed world, this sativa strain is as rare as snow in Hawaii – a long season equatorial with a triple-haze parentage. Hazes are popular for their light fresh taste and radiant highs, but they require more care and patience than the usual fare of commercially available strains.

Hawaiian Snow’s lengthy ripening time confines her indoors except in the most favorable climates. Large and rangy, she should be grown under 18 hours of light for a short vegetative period. Hawaiian Snow’s size and slow flowering make her unsuitable for sea of green setups. this variety needs a big pot of soil with a low acid content (strating at a pH of 6.0). Flowering takes at least 14 weeks. Growers can smoke their faster strains while anticipating Snow’s payoff – the mental dawn that only comes from slow-ripening hazes.

Hawaiian Snow grows in a pine-tree profile, with wide distances between internodes. Topping her elongated branches is counterproductive while bending achieves amazing results. The slender leaves will be bright green, darkening during flowering, then lightening as the plants are flushed for harvest. Buds are long and compact with big calyxes, profuse hairs and a lovely sugar coating of resin.

Hawaiian Snow’s rich spicy sativa taste leaves some mint freshness behind on exhale. its complex mix of aromas and flavors evokes eucalyptus, lemon grass and a hint of musk and green moss. As the flavor fades, the high reveals itself: the body stays alert while the moods and thoughts enter a space of elation, which encourages freethinking and a sense of wellbeing. It is a lovely social high that lowers tensions and incites laughter.

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