Strain Of The Day – Blue Buddha

Black Owned ec632 blue buddha

Indica 75 / Sativa 25
Origins: Oregon Blueberry x Buddha’s Sister
Flowering: 65 days
Harvest: late October

Blue Buddha is a bud with an earthy spice and clear functional high. She has a richly resonant smell that requires control and camouflage. As a moderate brancher, the Blue Buddha will cheerfully adapt to the growing path you set her on, whether that means single cola, sea of green, or multi-branching. Likewise, she will grow well indoors or out, taking 7-9 weeks indoors, or finishing in late October outside. Outdoor Blue Buddhas are calm and serene in the face of frost; they keep growing right into the days of ripeness. It is better to cut this plant down once she reaches ripeness rather than allowing her to go too long outdoors; otherwise, her flavor will begin to fade.

Blue Buddha has no gender confusion – she knows no hermaphroditic tendencies under any conditions. her good pest resistance makes Blue Buddha a suitable choice for the novice gardener as well as the pro. While ripening, this plant truly reeks. Her fast finishing time produces satisfyingly chunky and dense buds with a smell that fades to subtle diesel perfume, tinges of blue coloration, and a fuzzy carpeting of resin that is sure to please.

The Blue Buddha flavor is velvety deep, with dank skunkiness and a slightly sweet, blueberry creaminess. The high mixes a little sativa influence with a heavy Afghani stone. At first it lifts you up, making you feel a little encouraged about just about everything, then it wraps you in a blanket of nice fogginess. Although the first wave is a spurt of energy, the feeling shifts into a moderately long lasting couchlock that is awake, but dreamy. Blue Buddha is good for enhancing a contemplative mood in which to indulge the imagination, reflection and artistic impulses. -kindgreenbuds

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