T.I. Wrongfully Arrested, Questions Cop and Gets No Answer

Once again we see the justice system not working for the good of the citizen. If it was me I wouldn’t pay another dime to the neighborhood that hires idiots to work at the gate.

Just in case you haven’t heard. Tip was arrested early Wednesday morning for simple assault. Although no one was struck during the incident, the guard said he feared that he would be struck and that constitutes for simple assault.

Tip arrived home at a gated community around 4:00am where he then had to WAKE UP the guard who was sleeping on duty. Tip clearly identified himself and was also on the phone with ‘Tiny’ who was inside the home at the time and confirmed to the guard that Tip should be let in immediately. The guard still refused to grant entry without stating why. Words were exchanged and shortly after, the police were called and Tip was arrested as the cops were not interested in hearing his side of the story at all.

Black Owned 15e1e tip

Tip also says that the guard cursed at his wife. If you ask me, I think Tip should have slapped fire to the guy for that but we know there isn’t any real justice in America and he would most likely just be sued.

Kudos to Tip for showing obvious restraint in the matter and not escalating things further. We all know how situations like this often end for black men in America. Sad but true…

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