Is Bill Gates ‘Enslaving’ Us With a Vaccine???

Black Owned 327b7 postgates  Will you be getting the COVID-19 vaccine when it arrives???

According to polls conducted in May 2020, only 50% of Americans plan to get the COVID vaccine when it becomes available. 
 23% of respondents say “You can’t force me to get a vaccine!” The rest are “unsure.”

 Some say it’s pure nonsense. However 44% of conservatives who were polled by YahooNews believe that Bill Gates is plotting to use a COVID-19 vaccine campaign as an excuse to implant microchips into people and observe them constantly.
 This conspiracy theory, although vehemently opposed by 26% of conservatives and containing little to no supportive evidence, is still believed by millions of Americans.

 The remaining conservative respondents were “unsure” of the truthfulness of the claim.

 A similar poll conducted by FOX News suggests 50% of viewers believe the rumor is true. The other half is evenly split between “not sure” and “false.”

Snopes, among other sources, claims to have debunked the conspiracy, claiming…

Black Owned 57fd1 dcccsss “A primary focus of [the Bill and Melinda Gates] foundation, and of Gates’ philanthropy in general, is the reduction of inequalities in health outcomes, with a focus on the developing world. Via these organizations, he also funds research into technological solutions to public health problems in the poorest communities globally. Since 2015, he has been raising alarms about the world’s potentially catastrophic lack of preparedness for a pandemic.

In part because of his advocacy for vaccines, Gates has also been a major recipient of the anti-vaccine movement’s vitriol for well over a decade. Years of manufactured animosity built by false claims from these anti-vaccine groups have, as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, combined with the dubious claims of doomsday soothsayers and cryptocurrency Youtubers to create a sprawling COVID-19 conspiracy theory centered on Gates.”

 What Gates is actually on record for saying is,  people who’ve already contracted the virus or who’ve been vaccinated against it could get a certificate of immunity. In theory, they could use those certificates to speed up traveling across international borders.

Democrats performed slighty different in the poll. 52%  of them said the rumor is false; 48% answered true or that they’re unsure.

 And it’s not just Americans who think this way…
 1 out of 8 respondents in an Australian poll said that they believe Gates created and spread the virus.

About the same percentage of Australians say that the virus is being spread through 5G cellular technology, a view that has also taken hold in England and the Netherlands, where 5G towers have been the target of vandalism over and over.

I don’t know yet what to make of all this debauchery. What do you think? Leave comment below!!!

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