White Youth Pastor Gets Only 3 Years For Sexually Abusing Under Age Girl???

   Jordan Baird was sentenced to a punk ass three years, plus probation, after admitting guilt to two counts of indecent acts with a child by a custodian.

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  Baird, during the sentencing hearing, said he takes full responsibility for his crimes. He apologized to the victim, her family, his own family and his wife.

  “This was my lie. These were my mistakes,” said Baird. “I brought shame on my family and shame on my friendships.”

  “Complete responsibility” is overstating it given his light sentence. On the bright side, the victim says the incident made her lose her faith!

  Like we see so often, yet another religious leader uses his trust to ruin a young girls life. To make matters worse, she wasn’t the only young woman Baird targeted from the church.
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  Around 2014, there were other underage girls the he pursued, two of whom spoke at the sentencing hearing.

  Last year, this same white youth pastor was convicted for sexually abusing Morgan Harding who was also 16 at the time. She’s given the permission to identify her, though she’s opted not to speak on the matter.

  Baird was sentenced to only eight months in prison in that case and was forced to register as a sex offender.

According to the more recent victim’s family, when they informed church leaders what Baird had done, they were treated as “liars.”

 Don’t forget that he was surrounded by church leaders who eagerly came to his defense.

NO wonder more victims don’t speak up.

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