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Black Owned 6ed35 dr grinspoon

Origins: sativa x sativa
Flowering: 100 days

This unusual pure sativa strain has been named in honor of physician, Harvard professor, author, and cannabis advocate Dr. Lester Grinspoon. By Dr. Grinspoon’s own account, he first researched cannabis in order to document its harmfulness. Instead, as he reviewed the literature, he found little support for the demonization of marijuana, and much more support for its benign, positive influences. As a good scientist, Dr. Grinspoon adjusted his opinion based on the evidence. In 1971, he wrote a seminal book, Marihuana Reconsidered, which argued for the legalization of marijuana. Since that time, Grinspoon has been a steadfast and outspoken advocate, using his voice to help reform marijuana policies in the US and around the world.

The aptly named Dr. Grinspoon variety is a “thinking man’s” sativa of the highest order. This top-shelf connoisseur breed is a good addition to personal gardens seeking premium headstash. The plant has a distinct flowering pattern that makes it a standout in the garden. The pure sativa heritage means Dr. Grinspoon forms long twig-like branches with the buds loosely strung popcorn style along the willowy stems. As the plants mature, they begin to fill gaps between bud sites, but the buds remain distinct rather than gathering into one large flower. Yields are moderate with harvests up to 350 grams per square meter. yields are likely to be better under the tutelage of a gardener who has already grown a few crops and figured out the basics.

The long season makes this an indoor or greenhouse variety when living outside of the equatorial region. Outdoors, Dr. Grinspoon needs 6 full months of agreeable weather to finish, ripening in late October or early November. Using organic fertilizers in soil will bring out the best flavors. The Dr. Grinspoon variety tends to interest gardeners with some experience and a desire for great sativa qualities. it is not “fast-food” style weed for those wanting a quick crop. This is more like a bottle of good champagne. Although Dr. Grinspoon has an effervescent lucidity that makes it suitable for any occasion, these buds are often treasured and reserved to celebrate special moments.

The aroma has the tropical-floral elements expected of an island sativa, but there is also a distinct lemon-herbal sumac smell. These notes are carried through in flavor, imparting a light lemon tang and a touch of honeyed earthiness. this strain’s clarity will be manna for the true aficionado. Dr. Grinspoon has a pleasant entry into the high, inviting a blissful and expansive mood that enhances compassion and provokes intellectual insights. It is very compatible as a daytime smoke or for long evenings with friends, intimate conversations, and deep enjoyment. Given the heightened awareness it encourages, it is less suitable right before retiring for sleep. The effects of Dr. Grinspoon taper off gradually, leaving one as clearheaded at finish as they were at the outset, only quite possibly with a host of new ideas and pleasant experiences to remember. -kindgreenbuds

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