Steve Harvey Morning Show or Steve Christ Holy Mustache?

Act like a lady, think like a man??? Is that advice? Or what Steve tells himself every morning before the Steve Harvey Morning Show?
So on the one hand he has amassed a large net worth and security for his family. On the other hand, he constantly preaches outdated and useless, religious rhetoric on his morning show as well as on Family Feud and The Steve Harvey TV show. Comedian Corey Holcomb “exposed” him on his show 5150, saying that Steve Harvey is a stuck up asshole and treats people like shit. He pretends to have cosmic answers to big questions about the universe but cant seem to remember who miss universe is…

His religious rhetoric is not helping the black community one bit, as it hasn’t helped since 1619 when slavery began in America and Christianity was given to the slaves.

Is Steve Harvey a coon? Did Monique have a point in their argument? Was Corey Holcomb right about Steve Harvey? After meeting with Donald Trump, and bad mouthing Monique it sure seems that way but I could be wrong. I didn’t want to make another Steve Harvey Exposed video bashing the guy because honestly, I am still a fan of Steve Harvey. I just wish he would wake up and see that religion is destroying Black America!

Listen in on this god debate as Kweli Kush and Black Jesus discuss god, religion, racism  and much more!

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