Strain Of The Day – Marley’s Collie

Black Owned 2dfc2 marleys collie
Indica 60 / Sativa 40
Origins: Jam2 x Ort 15T7
Flowering: 60-65 days
Harvest: late October

“Collie” was the standard slang-word for cannabis in Kingston, Jamaica, during Bob Marley’s youth. Impressed by meeting Rita Marley at a cannabis event, Sensi Seeds breeders crossed some great Jamaican collie with a Maple Leaf relative as a tribute to the Marley family. “Marley” is a big name to live up to in the ganja world, but this indicasativa cross has so far earned a lot of community good-will, winning the Dutch High Life Cup – the overall High Life prize – in 1999.

Marley’s Collie can be grown outdoors in climates within 40 degrees latitude of the equator, but it is usually raised indoors in Holland. She reaches 130-160 centimeters if vegetated for 3-4 weeks. Her huge central bud and light, tractable branching make her ideal for sea of green growing – or she can be encouraged to spread out in a greenhouse. Soil and hydro are equally good growing media. Sensi advises growers not to top the central stem (unless their phenotype has proven to like topping), as Marley’s Collie will often cease to grow a main stem (instead of splitting into two) and concentrate its energies on the surrounding branches. This tends to lower her yield.

This strain’s buds are syrupy, with hairs visibly protruding in distinct pairs from each ovary. These pistils give her buds a “spiky” appearance, rather than the rounded look of many indicas. On the other hand, her wide, fat-bladed leaves are the classic indica dark green. The aroma of Marley’s Collie combines the pungent sweet nectar bite of Jamaican pot with a musky Afghan undertone. her taste is very sweet, almost acrid. When toked, Marley’s Collie lights a big sativa fire in the brain simultaneous with an indica fire in the belly, rather than one effect creeping up behind the other. Fittingly, this hybrid pot’s stone offers peace and awareness at once.

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