Strain Of The Day – Kushadelic

Black Owned 48cc2 kushadelic
Indica 50 / Sativa 50
Origins: OG Kush x G-13 Haze
Flowering: 70-80 days

Kushadelic brings out the delicious psychedelic side of the Kush family. This strain is Soma’s cross of a California OG Kush and his special daddy haze. The haze father is a selection from Soma’s intensive work with hybrid hazes, a G-13 Haze / Neville’s Haze cross that has influenced many of his recent strains and beyond.

Kushadelic is a 50/50 hybrid, blending the hazier qualities of the sativa with the indica voluptiousness and density of the Kush. This plant begins the vegetative phase with full, picture-perfect leaves that balance indica/sativa influences. As it progresses through flowering, the leaflets elongate to a more slender sativa appearance by finish.

For most regions in the world, Kushadelic is an indoor variety, taking over 6 months from seed to finish outdoors, and a full 10 weeks in flowering under lights. Soma prefers organic soil methods with guano as fertilizer to bring out the best flavors and also to keep the most human-friendly, earth-friendly harvest, but this strain will also thrive when hydro methods are used. There are two phenotypes of the Kushadelic. One is more strongly sativa with a stretchier profile and a stronger haze effect in the buzz. The other in an indica pheno, which stays more squat in structure and reveals more kush influences in the final product.

Kushadelic is not a big brancher, but the plants respond well to being topped and will grow nicely as multi-branch plants. They are also a solid choice for a sea of green technique, although the canopy may take some management for consistency. Indoor plants typically finish at 3 feet (1 meter), but when grown outdoors, these plants often reach heaights over 7 feet (2.5 meters).

Kushadelic buds are large and sweet with an exotic marriage of the floral and earthy tones of the haze-kush combination. The high also brings together the potency of the kush with the happy clarity of the haze to cause a deep sense of response and an introspective yet social attitude.

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