Strain Of The Day – CH9 G Bolt

Black Owned 4edeb ch9 g bolt
Indica 70 / Sativa 30
Origins: G Bolt Motarebel x CH9 Flower
Flowering: 65 days

The CH9 G Bolt acquired its shorter zippier name from its mama, the G Bolt Motarebel, which is an indica / sativa mix hailing from the USA. The G Bolt Motarebel mother is often just referred to as Motarebel for short, but her parentage is better described by G Bolt – a Pacific G-13 clone crossed with a Yumboldt male from Sagarmatha. In this offering from CH9 Female Seeds, the Motarebel mother is crossed with a cubed hybrid CH9 Flower male. The result is a variety with a dominant indica plant profile but a surprising undercurrent of sativa influence in its effect.

The CH9 G Bolt has dark thick leaves and a vine-like growth pattern. It branches easily and resembles a tropical grape plant. As such, it does better in a screen of green than a sea of green setup. Hydroponics farmers may have an easier time bringing out the strong G Bolt aroma and producing more gland-laden flowers. The G Bolt tends to forgive minor errors and to bounce back when the problem is fixed. This strong vigor makes it a good choice to build beginner confidence.

The CH9 G Bolt was developed mainly for indoor gardens, but grows well outdoors in favorable climates such as America, Australia, and the sunnier parts of Europe. It can handle a broad range of temperatures, including slightly warm or cold temperaturs, without too much complaint. This plant typically matures in 9-10 weeks or can be harvested at the end of October if the crop was planted in mid-April. Average indoor yields are 100 grams per plant. The smell while growing is very fresh, and invigoratingly green. When finished, the buds are frosty and rock hard, and the buzz harkens back to the uplifting and long lasting buzz of its maternal line, the Pacific G-13.

Any grower will have pride in the quality of their CH9 G Bolt harvest. Once cured, this strain retains the woodsy flavor of its Yumboldt grandpappy. The cured buds have a tingly fresh pepper edge with a mild skunky undertone. This variety tends to bring on a euphoric but clear sense of things, making it a functional smoke that can accompany many daytime activities. It also has potential as good medicine, with recommendations for use in anxiety, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

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