Online Resources, Forums, and Communities for Atheists

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Online Communities for Atheists 

Reddit Atheism Forum – With more than two million members, this is the largest and most active atheism forum on the web. Even if you don’t join and participate in the discussions, it is still an excellent place to keep up with the latest news stories of interest to atheists. In addition, you will always find many discussions relating to important moral, social, and political issues of modern society, as viewed from a secularist perspective.

Atheist Nexus – A major social networking site for non-Christians. Each person who joins is given his or her own profile page for displaying personal information and photos. Members may also express their views in forums, make blog posts, join special groups, announce events, and upload videos.
Talk Freethought – This is one of the better-known and most active free thought forums on the internet. In addition to the usual discussions about philosophy, science, religion, and morality, there are sections devoted to secular lifestyles, popular culture, and humor. The lifestyles section contains a special “Atheists’ Testimony Thread” in which members can describe what led to their personal paths to freedom from religion. This site was formerly called the “Freethought Rationalism Forum”, but was re-launched under the current name in 2014.
Richard Dawkins Foundation – Well-known atheist scientist and author Richard Dawkins created the Foundation for Reason and Science in order to promote critical thinking, and to combat ignorance, superstition, and religious intolerance. This popular site covers a broad range of topics not only in religion, but also in science, politics, and current events.
    In January 2016 the Richard Dawkins Foundation and the Center for Inquiry announced that the two organizations are merging, with the Richard Dawkins Foundation becoming a new division within the Center for Inquiry.
Ex-Christian – An online community for former Christians, this site includes a “testimonies” section in which people explain why they can no longer accept the tenets of their previous religion. Members can also discuss their personal views and other matters in an active forum. The site also includes videos, articles, and a gallery of images.
Atheist Zone – An internet gathering place for atheists, skeptics, liberals, and anyone else interested in talking about the problems caused by organized religions, and how atheism is a logical alternative. The site includes a forum, a retail shop, and a wiki which may be edited by any member. Website was previously called “Think Atheist”.
Atheist Republic – This online community has attracted a diverse group of contributors from many different backgrounds. Its website provides opportunities for blogging, participating in forum discussions, uploading images, and other activities. There are also news stories, a section of statistics about atheism, and a store. One of the strengths of this community is its international makeup, which makes it a place where atheists from different societies can meet and exchange ideas.
Atheist Discussion – A major section of this forum is devoted to discussions of atheism, theism, and related matters. There are also sections covering pseudoscience, literature, history, politics, and various other topics. This is a very active community. and – Although they have the same name, “Atheist Forums”, they were created independently, and there is no connection between them. But they are similar, and some people have joined both of them and visit both regularly. There are often some very knowledgeable participants in basic forums of this type, and some of the best discussions take place in them.
Skeptic Friends – Created to promote logic, critical thinking, and science as the best way for a person to arrive at his or her personal beliefs and moral values. Members may conduct polls, submit articles for possible publication on the site, and discuss various religious issues in a group of forums.
Happy Atheist Forum – Another well established atheist forum site. There are many individual discussion sections where members can express their views in areas such as social issues, current events, and politics.
Debating Christianity and Religion Forum – This forum is specifically designed to encourage discussions about various human belief systems. Many atheists have joined for the purpose of engaging in direct debates with Christians.
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