Black Lives Matter Activist Found Dead?

Oluwatoyin ‘Toyin’ Salau, Missing Black Lives Matter Activist, Found Dead
*This is a developing story. We will update as new information becomes available.
 19 year old Salau, an activist who was assisting the homeless and protesting against racism and police violence, was reported to have been found dead. Salau was known for urging state officials “to do their job, and investigate crime.”
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“I had a feeling that we were not going to find Toyin alive,” Danaya Hemphill, Salaua’a friend said.
 The petition demanding justice for Salau was posted online.
 Salau, 19, was last seen in Tallahassee on June 6. She posted a series of sisturbing tweets that day.  Unconfirmed social media reports of her death emerged more than a week later.
 During “the course of a follow up investigation in a missing person case” on Saturday night, Tallahassee police found “two deceased people,” the Tallahassee Police Department posted on its Facebook page on Sunday. “The deaths are being investigated as homicides and have been turned over to TPD’s Violent Crime Unit.”
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 The victims were identified as Oluwatoyin Salau and Victoria “Vicki” Sims by police. 
Both women were highly regarded in activist circles. reported: “The 19-year-old and 75-year-old met after recent protests over justice for black lives.” Salau, known as “Toyin,” spoke at BLM protests. Sims was also active in Democratic politics.
 One Twitter account purportedly belonging to someone affiliated Salau’s mother tweeted late Sunday night that “Toyin is no longer with us.”
 Salau’s reported death would be the latest in a recent string of suspicious deaths of young Black people as many nations protests against racism and police violence.
Aaron Lee Glee Jr. was arrested later on at the 2100 Block of Monday Road. (The same location where Salau’s body was found). He is now in custody.
 A man identified as Robert Fuller was found on Wednesday hanging from a tree near Palmdale City Hall in California. The 20-year-old had a rope around his neck and was being reported as a suicide, but the hashtag #JusticeForRobertFuller started trending on Twitter as folks suspicious of a cover up called for a deeper investigation into Fuller’s death.
Floyd’s killing sparked nationwide protests over police violence and the racism that has many times been credited for such violence.

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