Atheist Bashing Pastor Kills Himself

Hey Pastor Darrin Patrick, I’ve got one question… “How’s that god stuff working out for ya???”

Black Owned 77ff0 darrinpatrick Megachurch Pastor with a not so squeaky clean past, dies from an apparent self inflicted gun shot wound.
 Patrick would often ask atheists “How’s that working for you?” That is a very condescending way of proselytizing fables.

In 2016, Pastor Patrick was fired from a six-location megachurch in St. Louis he co-founded for “inappropriate meetings, conversations, and phone calls with two women” and a pattern of sinful conduct, including lying, abuse of power and lack of self-control.

Patrick isn’t the only pastor with mental issues. According to the Schaeffer Institute, 70% of pastors constantly fight depression, and 71% report being burned out. 
 Meanwhile, 72% of pastors say they only study the Bible when they are preparing for sermons, 80% believe ministry has negatively affected their families, and 70% say they don’t have a close friend.

 I wish all of these pastors would do like Pastor Patrick and put their faith to the ultimate test!!! If you believe in your religion so strongly, why are you so afraid of death. You’re going to heaven, right???

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