Yet Another Woman Drives into Oncoming Car to "Test Her Faith"

The woman didn’t care about victims because “God would have taken care of them.”

Black Owned 327c0 car accident 2165210 1280   Adults who believe in god are just like children with imaginary friends. Except when you’re an adult, you can make decisions that affect others, which is why belief in imaginary friends is dangerous for an adult.
   31-year-old Nadejda Reilly in her delusional, religious mind state assumed God would protect her as she drove into oncoming traffic. She also didn’t give a damn about hurting or killing anyone else.

   So what happened??? She crashed, duh! Two innocent people were injured.
Even after the incident, Reilly didn’t understand the ramifications of her delusions…
“Reilly related God took care of her by not having her injured,” wrote Trooper Bruce Balliet in an arrest affidavit. “Reilly expressed no concerns or remorse for the victims. Reilly also stated she did not care if the other people were injured because God would have taken care of them.

Black Owned 29513 najedariley   Two people in the other vehicle were taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries.

   Using her religous logic, she could’ve pulled out an automatic weapon and shot it into a crowd. If anyone gets hurt, well, it’s just part of God’s plan.

   This means no pastor in this woman’s life has ever dispelled her of those notions. Because they told her things like “God is always in control of everything,” two people nearly died at her hands, and she still didn’t learn her lesson.

Reilly has been charged with aggravated assault among “other offenses” but her community remains in danger as long as she’s out on the road.

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