Woman Charged With Murder After Dropping Her Baby During Fight

A Georgia mother drops her 3-month-old baby during a fight, and she’s also facing murder charges for his death.

   Karen Harrison’s son died at the hospital after Harrison brought him in, telling authorities he had fallen at home.
   However, surveillance footage shows the 26-year-old woman arguing with another woman, Terra Brown in the parking lot of the Thomas Beauty Supply store in Moultrie, 65 miles northeast of Tallahassee, FL.
Black Owned 2e3e2 karen harrison mom dropped 3 month old baby fighting   In the video, with her son in her arms, Harrison is seen arguing with Brown. Shortly after, the two women get physical resulting in the baby falling to the ground and hitting his head.
   Another woman at the scene is seen running in and picking the child up as Brown continues to hit Harrison.
   It’s unclear what the women were fighting about, and the town’s coroner has yet to determine the baby’s actual cause of death.
   Harrison was charged with felony murder, first- and second-degree cruelty to children, simple battery and affray.
   District Attorney Brad Shealy said that, “Harrison was arrested because she did not seek immediate medical attention for her baby. Preliminary information indicates that the baby died as a result of medical attention not being sought. And based upon that, the warrant was issued for felony murder.”
   To add to that, Harrison’s friend, Carneata Clark was charged with providing a false statement to police and obstruction of an officer for corroborating Harrison’s initial lie about how the baby fell.
   Ironically, Brown, the other woman involved in the altercation has yet to be arrested.
   WTXL reported that Harrison could be in jail up to October since that is her next court date. In addition, Harrison has other children, but authorities did not say who they are staying with during her incarceration.
   Harrison’s friends have been defending her to the media, stressing that she shouldn’t be in jail, adding, “If y’all know Karen, y’all know she takes care of her kids, y’all know how she feel about her kids, y’all know what she’ll do for her kids, y’all know that girl is not no bad person.”

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