Racists Beat Man Nearly to Death – Caught on Video

GoFundMe for Victim

   Two racist, white thugs have been charged with aggravated assault and battery for the unprovoked, racially charged beating of a Black man and his friend that was caught on camera.

    Shawn Carolina of Shawnee, Oklahoma had just finished partying with a friend at the Bricktown Saloon, and they were in the parking lot of the venue when they were confronted by two white thugs who had been in the brewery with them.

   28-year-old Brandon Killian and 24-year-old Devan Johnson then proceeded to viciously beat Carolina and his friend.

   The violent encounter was filmed on Saturday morning at around 2 a.m. The footage shows the two thugs beating the victims before they flee the scene in a typical racist white man pickup truck, one can be heard shouting, “You’re dead, n—-r!”

   “I honestly thought I was going to lose him,” Shawn’s wife, Jamie Carolina, tells KFOR. “I wasn’t sure it was the whole racial slurs thing until later that day at the hospital when the video surfaced.”

   She added, “After they knocked him out, why continue to beat him? They just pounded on him like he was nothing,” Jamie Carolina tearfully says. “It made me angry.”

  A witness told the vitim’s wife that one of the thugs who hit Shawn the most was acting completely different inside the saloon.

   “The guy that did most of the pounding on him, he was buying my husband drinks and hugging him and acting like they were the best of friends,” Jamie said.

   At the time of this post, Shawn Carolina remains in the hospital for injuries that were described as “life threatening.”

   The Carolina family has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his medical expenses.

   Meanwhile, Killian and Johnson were bailed out over the weekend…

   Police said they found the suspects not long after the attack.

   “They took off, and officers conducted a traffic stop on the white Ford,” Cpl. Vivian Lozano with the Shawnee Police Department told News 4. “They were brought down for an interview, the detective came down and interviewed them, and they were arrested for aggravated assault and battery.”

   Police have not ruled out the beating being a hate crime but Oklahoma does’t recognize most racially charged attacks as hate crimes either.

Watch video report on the incident above.

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