Black Cop Sues After Being Shot by White Cop

Black Police Officer Sues City of St.Louis After Being Shot By Another Cop

   I guess pigs will be pigs… I always wondered how black cops can feel comfortable doing the white man’s dirty work everyday.  For black police officer Milton Green, this #WakeUp call was loud and clear! Green was shot while off duty by a fellow officer and is suing the city, alleging the department has not supported him since the June 2017 incident.

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   Milton Green was shot by a cop outside his home in the city’s North Pointe neighborhood. The shooting occurred while officers were searching for suspects of a stolen vehicle who fled the car and allegedly ran near Green’s home.

   Green says when officers approached, he identified himself as a policeman but was immediately shot by Officer Christopher Tanner.

   He is now suing Tanner and the city of St. Louis, as Green believes he would have been treated differently at the time of the shooting and the aftermath if he were white.

Officer Milton Green opens up about the shooting that led to his lawsuit.
 “How did he not see my badge in my hand? My gun was pointed down, and the other officers were calm. The detective told them who I was and told them not to shoot.”

   According to the lawsuit, Green was working on his neighbor’s car in their shared driveway when he heard a vehicle crash into another car at the nearby intersection. The occupants inside fled the scene and one of the suspects ran next to Green’s house and dropped to the ground when police fired at him. He then pointed his gun at Green and his neighbor — that’s when Green pulled out his department-issued gun and yelled: ‘Police! Drop your gun!” the suit says.

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   The suspect ran off, and a responding officer told Green to drop his weapon and get to the ground; Green complied. When he informed the officers he was a police officer, a detective told him to stand and approach him. At this point, Tanner walked up and shouted for him to drop the weapon while simultaneously shooting Green.

   “The racial implications of how Officer Green has been treated cannot be ignored,” the suit states, also noting that Green faced a lack of support from the department and his fellow officers after the shooting.

   “Had he been shot by the perps everyone would have considered him a hero,” Green’s attorney Javad Khazaeli said. “It happened while he was trying to stop a criminal and now he’s permanently disabled.”

   Court documents claim the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association raised $2,000 for Tanner but held no fundraisers for Green.

   “If I was white, I feel like I would have been taken care of,” Green told Messenger. “That’s how I feel.”

   Green, who has been a police officer since 2005, is now “drowning in bills,” and struggling to support himself and his four children, the report states.

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