White Christian Missionary Poses as Doctor and Kills Over 100 Black Babies #WakeUp

   Renee Bach

   …is a U.S. christian missionary with NO medical training who left Virginia in 2007 and went to Uganda.
   By 2012, she founded a private NGO and healthcare facility called Serving His Children. She then conned the African people to believe she was a doctor and over 100 babies died due to her “care”.

  Reports say she took children with malnutrition from local hospitals and treated them at her fake clinic and is now being sued!

 Two women named Gimbo Zubeda and Kakai Rose, alongside civil society organization Women’s Probono Initiative said, “The mothers allege that they were led to believe that Ms. Renee Bach was a ‘medical doctor’ and that her home was a ‘medical facility’ as she was often seen wearing a white coat, a stethoscope and often administered medications to children in her care.”

Black Owned f7955 reneebach

   However, when their children died it was revealed that Bach had no training in medicine and “that in 2015, the District Health Officer had closed her facility and ordered her to not offer any treatment to any child.

   This Renee Bach Bitch may have caused the deaths of “hundreds of children amounting to violations of human rights including violation of children’s right to access adequate treatment, the right to health of the children, the right to life, the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of race and social economic standing and the right to dignity, freedom from torture, inhuman and degrading treatment.”

   It appears that Bach is still in Uganda. The Independent reports in 2016 she relocated to a different area of the country “under the government-owned Kigandaalo Health Center IV.”

   One Twitter user reported she was supposed to be in court in March but the case was delayed until 2020.

  This 2017 video shows how christianity is nothing but a tool of oppresion even still today! #WakeUp

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