Woman Begs Cops Not to Shoot Kneeling Black Man

  An L.A. woman is being praised for filming police as they threatened a black man with their guns drawn while he knelt with his up.

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   In the video, filmed in the city of Hawthorne, at least four officers can be seen pointing their guns at the man, who is kneeling on the sidewalk, facing away from the officers with his hands above his head.

  More Hawthorne cops arrive as the woman, Sky Holsey, begs the officers to put their guns away. The man can be heard saying he is unarmed.
  The incident occurred at a busy intersection in Hawthorne, in Los Angeles County. William Ewell, 24, ended up being arrested that Friday morning, police records show.

  The video went viral over the weekend, leaving many people outraged over the number of police officers with their guns drawn. Some people credit Holsey with preventing the officers from using deadly force.

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