3 Facts That Disprove the Bible

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  First of all I would like to begin by reminding you that it is not necessary to disprove the bible. The bible is not to be considered as true until there is evidence that warrants its acceptance…

  Nonetheless, I have some evidence that disproves the bible anyway so here goes…
1. Jesus is said to have died at 33 years of age in the ear 30 AD. If this is true, it means that jesus was born in the year 3 BC.
   How can we be unsure of the dates of the most important figure in history??? If jesus was the son of god, he should be smart and powerful enough to leave an accurate proof of his life.
2. King Herod is claimed in the book of Matthew to have ordered the murder of all boys two years old and younger, causing Joseph and Mary to flee to Bethlehem where jesus was born.  
  The problem with this claim in the bible is that it is not recorded anywhere in history. Ancient historians such as Josephus wrote two whole scrolls on King Herod and makes no mention of “the massacre of the innocents”.
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  Furthermore, Herod died in the  year 4 BC. If jesus was born in the year 3 BC, then that means the entire story of Jesus’ birth is a LIE!!!
3. The gospels are all fiction!!! How can we tell???
   A. They contradict each other. 
   B. The authors are purposely left out (they are not written by mark, matthew, luke or john)
   C. The gospels were written at least 40 years after jesus’ supposed death, which was almost an entire human lifespan in those days, make the credibility questionable. If I write a book about Michael Jackson 40 years after his death, how can I make claims about what he said or did while not being there to witness it.
  Basically the gospels are hearsay and whats even worse is that they have no authors taking credit for them.

For more proof of nonexistence of the biblical jesus, check out this free audio book “Nailed

or watch any of these videos breaking down the bible…

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