Police Shoot Unarmed Black Couple as They Sit in Car

Black Owned 63acb yale shooting protests vid
  Black cops profile black people too!!!

  On April 16, 2019, Connecticut police opened fire at a young, black couple who were simply sitting in their car near Yale University.

  The shooting sparked several protests throughout the local neighborhoods.

Black Owned e2828 stephwash

  22 year old Stephanie Washington and Paul Witherspoon were nearly killed due to quick-to-shoot, trigger happy cops who mistakenly identified the car that the couple were in as a car related to an armed robbery.

  Surveillance camera footage clearly shows Officer Devin Eaton get out of his patrol car and immediately open fire, unloading his entire clip in the red Honda.

It gets worse!!!

  Campus rent-a-cop Terrance Pollock also opened fire at the couple and then ran away from the scene.

  Stephanie Washington was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. Her boyfriend was not injured in the shooting, but he told reporters, “I’ve heard gunshots before but it’s a different feeling when somebody’s shooting at you… when the police are shooting at you.”

  Police have not yet stated if any disciplinary action will be taken against the officers.

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