Black Man(22) Denied for Peace Order and Later Killed by White Man (53)

Black Man(22) Denied for Peace Order and Later Killed by White Man (53)

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Tyrique Hudson(22) filed for a peace order after moving near James Verombeck(53) and was denied by the court. Just 2 months later and Tyrique Hudson is now dead, murdered by Verombeck.

Reportedly, the first time Hudson met this racist fuck nut was Feb 16, 2019 and the encounter lasted about 30 seconds at the Colonial Square Apartments in Maryland.

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You knew this day was coming and you know what you did,” Verombeck said to Hudson.

After this initial encounter Hudson feared for his life and filed for a peace order.

 Hudson was afraid and had no idea what Verombeck was talking about.

Verombeck  told the judge, “I found out he was videotaping me in my apartment. He had a hidden camera in my apartment.

Judge asked, “How do you know he’s videotaping you?

Verombeck replied, “I see things he reacted to. The only way you can get a reaction is if he is watching.

The judge asked “You’ve never seen this video camera?” Verombeck replied “No.

Hudson denied these allegations, saying “The idea that I’m recording, and I just moved here, and I’ve never met him a day in my life doesn’t seem right.

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According to Maryland law:

A peace order is a form of legal protection for anyone experiencing problems with an individual.
You can get one for an act that causes serious bodily harm or an act that places you in fear of serious imminent bodily harm.
But there is a burden of proof. The person seeking a peace order must provide court with reasonable grounds a prohibitive act was committed and a similar prohibitive act is likely to occur in the future.
Russell denied the peace order and about two months later Hudson was shot and killed inside the apartment building.

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James Verombeck has been charged with murder. And is reportedly on suicide watch.

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