Luxury Black Owned Cinema Has Restaurant, Bar, and Recliners

New, Black Owned Movie Theater Has a Restaurant,  Bar, and Reclining Leather Seats!!!

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As it turns out, the right black family to run a major movie cinema just so happens to be… The Wright Family!

The cinema has been receiving a large amount of positive feed back since it opened a month ago!

 On March 7, 2019, Next Act Cinema opened its doors as an “independent boutique theater that offers a unique, personalized movie going experience.” The magnificent movie theater has 86 leather chairs, top-of-the-line big screens, and a state-of-the-art immersive audio which creates a personal ambiance for any movie goer!

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Moviegoers can order foods and drinks from the comfort of their seats!!! 

  But that’s not all… the Next Act Cinema also has it’s own bar with an outrageous menu that includes soups, sandwiches, quesadillas, crab cake, pizza, salmon, salads, among others. The Wright family, encourages you to come to the cinema at least 30 minutes before your movie showing in order to enjoy the meals as well as socializing with others and the family.

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  Aside from being the dopest cinema on the scene, Next Act Cinema is also the first and only Black owned movie theater in the Baltimore area. The historic theater welcomes people from all walks of life to watch diverse and captivating films in an establishment where representation truly matters.

  The Wright family says they have always dreamed of having a cinema. From having a theater room in their home to owning a movie theater for the entire Baltimore community and even more, they have now seen it to fruition!

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For more information about Next Act Cinema or to buy tickets, visit them at 921 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD or visit the web site at

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