Africa Passes Law For Black Americans to "Come Home" in 2019

President of Ghana Offers African Americans and Caribbean people the Right of Return and the Right of Abode in 2019

  Due to slavery in America, many black people frankly have no idea about their true family history before slavery, their specific ancestors, what country they were stolen from etc.

  Ironically some white people have often told blacks to “go back to Africa.”
  And some black people say, “If I could I would… but where in the largest damn continent exactly did your ancestors kidnap my ancestors from?”

73rd United Nations General Assembly Video:

Ghana Immigration Service, Right of Adobe Explained

The concept of right of abode under Immigration Law is that person having the right of abode” shall be free to live and to come and go into and from the country without let or hindrance” Section 17(1) of the Immigration Act 2000, Act 573 provides that subject to this section the Minister may on an application and with the approval of the president grant the status of right of abode to any of the following persons — A copy of the document available here.
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  Despite mixed feelings I like to see this conversation being on the table. What are your thoughts on this? Should Black Americans go back to Africa???

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5 thoughts on “Africa Passes Law For Black Americans to "Come Home" in 2019

  1. No! Why do they seem to want us out of America so bad. As we know, they do NOTHING for our benefit. My question is……. \” How are they gaining from our leaving America?\” What's the real reason and real truth? Why did they go to the President of Ghana and have him to do this? What is he/Ghana gaining from it? Visas, for leaving America? Then we are stuck and have nowhere to go. I believe that it is a trick, because the American government has Never done anything to help us! Stay in America. This is our home.

  2. Let them go back to Europe, they are ALL illegal immigrants! The invaded America. We didn't, therefore we are the only legal people here.

  3. Because you chose to point us out we can't trust you y'all boast that you come to America ona plane and we came on ships thanks for confirming who the true children of Israel are

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