White Couple Has Black Baby!!! Wife Blames Husband!!!

A white woman gave birth to a black baby and blames her husband!

“You drank too much coffee,” she claimed!

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In Valencia. Spain, a young, white woman (24 years old) gave birth to a 3.5 kg baby. Contrary to the common sigh of relief and cry of happiness, everyone was mesmerized when the woman gave birth to a black baby while her white husband was there.

The husband is also white, but the baby was born black. After the birth, the supposed father asked the wife for explanations…
 “I am not racist, I have nothing against other races, but she has betrayed me.”
“I did not betray you, you drink coffee day and night,” she replied.

The medical team initially thought the baby was darkened due to respiratory failure, but soon realized that it was a healthy black baby.

They suspected that they might have a black relative in their family meaning a genetic mutation could have combined those genes… but that was not the case….

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