Jesus Challenge – $1,000,000

Open challenge to anyone willing to accept. If you can provide sufficient evidence for the birth and resurrection of Jesus you will be awarded $1,000,000!

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5 thoughts on “Jesus Challenge – $1,000,000

  1. Aocien Astronomy i.e. Kemet's Dendera and Ervreh Mazzolot Zodiac. No Bible is actually needed to prove the existence of the Messiah because is written in the stars of which cannot be denied he gave for signs and four seasons. The heavens declare his glory and the firmament his handiwork. Day unto day better speech and night unto night utter Mysteries. What are these sign secrets and speech? The modern-day zodiac Virgo virgin Miriam gave birth to YahuSha Leo the Lion of the tribe of Judah. If I might draw your attention to the New Covenant Adoration of the Magi who brought the Messiah gifts and stated that they saw his star in the east. That so-called star 🔯that they were purportedly following was actually an astronomical configuration that they were observing and it's on the cryptic dollar bill Great Seal along with the so-called Great Pyramid🔺 which is actually the Pillar of Enoch or Clock of God in Orion. Thank you here's a great website that explains biblical astronomy that belongs to Helena Lehman . She believes in the so-called secret Rapture of which I believe is a bunch of malarkey nonetheless her website is quite informative. Eat the meat and spit out the bones .

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