Lookout Kevin Hart! The Lucas Brothers are On Drugs! Stand Up Comedy Excellence!

Money, Weed & Bitches…
…isn’t the only thing these twins bring to table when on stage! The duo combines comedy with not so subtle tones of political opposition with the war on drugs. Adding to that their nonchalant delivery approach and stoner demeanor equals an absolutely genius performance!

Black Owned 328ec lucasbros

 “Make sure you smoke weed before you watch it,” Keith Lucas says. “It’s going to be way better and way funnier after you smoke weed.”

 The brothers use their comedic talent to not only entertain, but raise awareness of real life systematic oppression in America. This is what separates comedians from funny people. True comedians use their platform creatively. And for black comedians, the importance of using a celebrity voice is only increased. The Lucas Brothers not only use their platform creatively, but they have also found a way to tailor their punchlines to a predominantly white audience. Comedic Geniuses in the making.

 You may remember the two from 22 Jump Street , or you may have missed it (shame on you). If these twins aren’t on your radar yet, they will be soon. From animated cartoons to movies, there’s much more coming from the Lucas Brothers.

Where to Watch
 The Lucas Brothers’ New Stand Up Special On Drugs was released on Netflix on 4/18/2017. Just in time for 4/20! Check out the hilarious special on Netflix now!

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