Mike Pence Addresses the Infamous Fly on His Head!

Mike Pence has fly on his head!

The Blackprint to Wealth – with Thomas TJ Loftin

Why Are Some People Filthy Rich While Billions of Others Are Dirt Poor?  Thanks to black business leader TJ Loftin and some Italian researchers, we may now have the answer!As it turns out, the most successful people are not the most talented ones. They are just the luckiest! At least that’s what a new computerContinue reading “The Blackprint to Wealth – with Thomas TJ Loftin”

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Does God Really Exist? How Do We Know? Listen to this Mind Blowing Debate with an Atheist!

Does God Really Exist? How do we know if God really exists and if what we believe is actually real? Christian Phil Jackson takes on Atheist Kweli Kush in open discussion. Is God Real? Is atheism a logical position to hold? Listen in as two minds spar on the topic “Does God Really Exist?” *FREEContinue reading “Does God Really Exist? How Do We Know? Listen to this Mind Blowing Debate with an Atheist!”

Police Arrest 3 Black Teens at Gunpoint Despite Witnesses Saying the Teens Were Victims

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies were seen on video pointing guns at and detaining Black teenagers who witnesses say were the victims of a knife attack in Santa Clarita that had initially prompted the 911 calls.       Facebook @ KweliKush   IG @ KweliKush    Twitter @ RoyalKweli    Pinterest @ KweliKush    Become a Patron!   Continue reading “Police Arrest 3 Black Teens at Gunpoint Despite Witnesses Saying the Teens Were Victims”

Bodycam Footage of George Floyd’s Murder Leaked

  Leaked footage shows George Floyd begging police not to shoot him just before his murder by police officers in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020.   “OK, Mr. Officer, please don’t shoot me. Please, man,” Floyd said when officers approached as he sat in his car. One officer had a gun drawn and aimed atContinue reading “Bodycam Footage of George Floyd’s Murder Leaked”

RACE WAR? Is Dennis Prager Racist?

 In the wake of the many unlawful and down right suspicious deaths of black men in police custody, are we witnessing the beginnings of a race war or finally racial unity?    Historically speaking, we have been in a race war for the last 2000 years! Black people have simply forgotten that it was theContinue reading “RACE WAR? Is Dennis Prager Racist?”

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Bad Advice From Jesus

A christian youtuber gives really bad advice about covid-19.  #WakeUp

3 Pastors Get Life Sentence for Raping Girl Inside Church… Their Families Covered It Up

3 Pastors Rape Girl Inside Church

Joel Osteen Exposed

The sacrifice of jesus makes no sense!!! It’s time we #WakeUp and call out christianity for the barbaric, blood thirsty, cannibalistic religion it is!!!D.L. Hughley speaks on Joel Osteen’s failure to open his church for hurricane Harvey victims. Kweli Kush debates Black Jesus on religion and blood sacrifice. Richard Dawkins gets upset at the absurdityContinue reading “Joel Osteen Exposed”

The 85 South Show

The internet has transformed the way we learn about new artist, comedians, and how we get entertainment period. One thing is for sure, the boys at The 85 South Show can show you how to use the internet to build your own platform. The show includes Clayton English, Chico Bean, DC Young Fly, and KarlousContinue reading “The 85 South Show”

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