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Misconceptions and Misinformation of the Hebrew Israelites

Brother Garfield’s Book, is on sale Now! Listen as Garfield details why he wrote the book and why it is important!

Roy Wood Jr. Prank Call “Arm In Toilet”

When your woman gets her arm stuck in the john you have to rely on years of trailer park experience to know what to do!

Atheist Church Live

Que Butter and Prof Larry Build on Sa Neter TV

george carlin on god

George Carlin Explains Why Religion Is Ridiculous

George Carlin Talks Religion!

Black Owned KountryWayneCredit Paul Mobley

Kountry Wayne Explains Why He Left The Church

Why You Shouldn’t go to Church by Kountry Wayne

Black Owned coming 2 america

Watch Coming 2 America

The Sequel is Here!

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“Goodbye Uncle Tom”

The events in this movie are based on actual historical events. True Story!

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Amazon Prime Movie Review: Mortal

In this psychological thriller, A phycologist risks it all when she meets a murder suspect with godlike powers!

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KNOWledge vs beLIEf

Would you rather know, or believe?

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Did Jesus Really Exist?

Does Jesus Exist? Let’s find out!

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“What Are You Really Evoking When You Call On God?”

Steve the Theorist Calls in to the Nu Atheist Experience Show!

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4 Year Old Girl Killed by Neighbors Who Claim She Was Possessed by Demons

A 4 year old girl was killed on December 20, 2020 by her neighbors who claim she was possessed by a demon.

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Celebrities Who Don’t Believe in God

Rickey smiley questions the bible. David Banner doesn’t believe in the devil. Brad Pitt finds religion “stifling.” Lady Gaga recognizes the harm religion causes. Johnny Depp explains why he doesn’t follow religion! Corey Holcomb discusses Christianity on the 5150 Show!

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Chappelle’s Rant

Dave Chappelle’s Rant about the entertainment industry, and the rights to his show. We support Dave 100%. DON’T WATCH THE SHOW UNLESS THEY PAY DAVE CHAPPELLE!


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